Darfield boxer Robbie Barrett became the third Barnsley man to win a British boxing title after defeating previously unbeaten champion Scott Cardle in Glasgow on Saturday.

The 25-year-old lightweight was knocked down in both the second and fifth rounds by heavy favourite Cardle but won the majority of the other rounds and was two points ahead on two of the judges' cards with the third scoring the contest even.

Barrett, who has now won 11 fights in a row, is the first Barnsley man to take the Lord Lonsdale belt since Chris Saunders in 1995.

After the fight, which was shown live on Sky Sports, he said: "I can't get the words out, I am too emotional. I have wanted this since I was ten years old. I had set backs as an amateur and an a professional. It's a great feeling.

"The knockdowns weren't proper knockdowns and I should have won by more points."