A BOXING promoter is offering a Barnsley singer the chance to sing the national anthem ahead of Josh Wale’s fight for the British bantamweight title.

Josh, 29, of Brampton, will fight Scotland’s Jamie Wilson at the Doncaster Dome for the vacant title on July 1.

His manager, co-trainer and promoter Stefy Bull is looking for a raw talent to sing both God Save The Queen and The Flower of Scotland.

Stefy, 40, said: “The idea is with Josh being a Barnsley lad, and being the first Barnsley fighter to fight for the title in Yorkshire, I thought it would be good to have someone who can actually sing and give them the opportunity to sing in front of 1,800 people.

“They don’t need any qualifications, it’s just an opportunity for the average person who will be confident enough to sing.

“It’s a good chance for someone to get their name out there, there aren’t many opportunities for people to sing the national anthem at a sporting event.”

Demos can by uploaded to Stefy’s social media accounts. Search Stefy Bull Promotions on Facebook and Twitter.

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