KICKBOXING brothers have been nominated for a Proud of Barnsley award after achieving joint success in English title fights and making it to the world championships.

Tristan, 11, and Ethan Harlow, 13, from Darfield, have been training under Jon Green at Dragonfoot gym in Swinton since they were four and five respectively.

To date, the youngsters, of Doncaster Road, have racked up a raft of belts and have both achieved black belt first dan, which has seen them nominated for a Young Superstar award.

Although they no longer need to train with as part of the junior class, the pair help out other youngsters and have inspired school friends with their success.

They will both be part of the World Kickboxing Association (WKA) England squad when they compete at the world championships in Spain.

Mum Gayle said: "They have both won the right to compete for and defend an English title. "Their key ambition now is winning at the world championships.

"They have qualified for the world championships for the last three years in a row, but it was only this year that we felt with their ability they could be a really strong presence in the championships."

The boys became interested in kickboxing after watching videos of their uncle competing in amateur boxing competitions.

After Ethan began kickboxing at Jon's gym, Tristan was desperate to follow in his older brother's footsteps and was allowed to join aged just four.

Although they spar against one another at home, mum Gayle said that she would never let them compete against one another.

"They both encourage each other in different ways," she said. "They don't fight each other competitively in the ring, but they spar at home and it does them both good.

"There isn't much in them in terms of height and only a little bit of difference in terms of weight. "They really enjoy it and they have such a passion for it."

She added: "They take their belts into school and the other kids see them and find it so inspiring. "It's a bit like 'if they can do this maybe I can do this too'."

The next Pain and Fortune open championship event this August will see Ethan and Tristan defend their English titles, with Tristan potentially competing for a British title under International Freestyle Karate Association rules.

"The family are proud of their achievements." comments Gayle. "I don't think they will believe they have been nominated for a Proud of Barnsley award."