SANTA was having a ball in the town centre this week.

Football freestyler Ash Randall, who has more than 18 Guinness World Records under his belt for his footie skills, donned the classic red outfit and entertained town centre shoppers on Tuesday.

Ash, who lives in Dodworth but is originally from Cardiff, was joined by friend and YouTuber Kieran Charlesworth for the trip around town - which saw him make appearances outside the town hall and in the busy market.

Ash, 28, said: “We pretty much just thought we could go do a bit of freestyling in the town centre, so I bought a Santa outfit for a couple of quid from B and M and then went into town.

“We had 90 per cent a good response from people and only a few Scrooges. We spent about an hour just going round town, working in a place for a minute or two then moving on. It was all good with people smiling, clapping and laughing.”

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You can view Ash’s video on his Facebook page here.