BARNSLEY Central MP Dan Jarvis has announced he will run to be the Labour party’s candidate in the Sheffield City Region Mayoral election in May.

Mr Jarvis says if elected he will continue to serve as an MP - but won’t take any salary for his role as mayor.

The supporter of a wider Yorkshire devolution deal feels he is ‘uniquely placed’ to deliver devolution to the Sheffield City Region.

“This is a crucial moment for South Yorkshire and the wider Yorkshire and Humber region and I want to play my full part in leading us forward,” he said.

“South Yorkshire is entering a pivotal period in its development& Our soon to be elected Sheffield City Region Mayor will be key to unlocking the investment that our region needs: our transport, broadband, education and training systems are not fit for the challenges of the 21st Century. Investment in our housing and the environment lags behind what we need. All must be delivery priorities for the new Mayor.

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“But we also need someone who as well as being Sheffield City Region Mayor, could contribute to a longer process for a wider devolution deal for Yorkshire and the Humber. Because the election of a Mayor in South Yorkshire is not the end of our devolution story, it is the beginning. “

Mr Jarvis said he planned to remain an MP if elected and said this was achievable because the job of the mayor in South Yorkshire will be different to that of other regions’ mayors.

“The Sheffield City Region Mayoralty does not yet come with agreement on what powers are being delegated to it. We are on course to elect a mayor with no powers and no resources.

“The new mayor will need to leverage maximum influence to reach a consensus on how to proceed and drive our region forward. If my first act as Mayor was to stand down as an MP, I’d be needlessly squandering my ability to inflict pressure on the government through championing our cause in Parliament.

“But there’s another reason. I’ve given a commitment to serve as the MP for Barnsley Central for the duration of this parliament. I take that undertaking extremely seriously and I want serve not only the best interests of my constituents but of our whole region.

“I would of course draw the clearest lines between legislative responsibilities as an MP with those as an executive of the Sheffield City Region.

“Let me be crystal clear: I won’t take any mayoral salary. I will also ensure an evidence based approach to policy and public scrutiny and accountability will enable me to carry out both roles in the same way that many MPs serve in a variety of appointments, as government or shadow ministers or chairs of committees.”