DUNCAN Owen-Elmer has raised thousands of pounds for Macmillan Cancer Support by collecting money at stores across town.

His dedication and good will has earned himself a Proud of Barnsley nomination.

Duncan, 65 of Strafford Avenue, Ward Green, is part of the South Yorkshire team and has been volunteering for Macmillan for nearly two years.

“I find volunteering so enjoyable and I love meeting lots of different people each day,” said Duncan.

He has given over 285 hours of his time to collect money and has raised more than £19,000 so far.

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“It’s quite a surprise to receive a nomination and I’m ever so grateful.

“I feel that raising money for charity is such an important thing to do - if you can devote time to help others it makes you feel so much better about yourself,” said Duncan.

Each hour Duncan volunteers, he raises more than it costs to fund one Macmillan nurse for an hour.

Christina Eccles, from Macmillan, said in her nomination that in total, ‘Duncan has raised an incredible amount of money so far for Macmillan and has a target of £53,000 which is enough to fund a Macmillan nurse for a year’.

“He is a true gem and one of the most genuine and kind people you’ll ever meet - raising all that money is an amazing thing to do with your time.”

He collects money up to four times per week at mostly supermarkets and the hospital, wearing a Macmillan t-shirt and a bright green, afro wig.

Duncan said: “I love raising money for Macmillan, I thinks it’s really important to show your support to people and their families.

“The money I raise will hopefully help those who are diagnosed with cancer lead as healthy and active lives as possible.”

Duncan has a target of raising £53,000, which is enough to fund a Macmillan nurse for a whole year.

He said: “I really hope I can reach my target, I don’t know when that will be but I hope the money I have raised so far will support the charity.”