TWO Barnsley police officers came to the aid of an elderly man who had fallen off his mobility scooter and was injured.

PC Julie Hollingdrake and PC Lynne Bates, from Barnsley’s Safer Neighbour-hood Services team, were on patrol when they found the man whose scooter had overturned.

The officers administered first aid to cuts on his arm and attempted to contact his family. When they weren’t able to reach anyone, they decided to take the man home. While he got a ride home in the police car with PC Bates, PC Hollingdrake was responsible for riding the man’s scooter back to his home.

Once they got him home and comfortable, the officers tried again to reach his family and managed to get through.

Insp Julie Mitchell said: “While this isn’t your typical policing story, I thought it served as a really positive example of the extra lengths our officers go to in order to keep vulnerable people safe.”