A BURST water main in Barnsley sent water gushing 20ft into the air and flooded the nearby road.

Grange Lane was flooded and a jet of water was sent skyward as the pipe burst, causing the bank of the River Dearne to collapse and expose the pipe.

The leak, which occurred on Monday, lasted approximately 45 minutes according to Emma Bailey, 43, who runs the recently reopened Mill of the Black Monks. “The car park was flooded and the water flowed into the garden,” she said.

“Lots of people came down and fetched sandbags and helped sweep the water away, we’re lucky it didn’t get into the pub.”

A spokesman for Yorkshire Water said: “We were made aware of a large burst in Grange Lane and were on site quickly.

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“We are happy to say that the leak has been fixed, however due to the size of the burst we are still fixing the damage to the surrounding area.”