BOY racers driving aggressively across Barnsley will have their cars seized under police powers to curb anti-social behaviour at problematic car parks.

Complaints have flooded in about young drivers congregating in areas such as the 838-space car park on County Way in Barnsley town centre, Asda on Old Mill Lane and at Cortonwood.

The Chronicle can reveal that drivers were being stopped at Cortonwood last weekend and three vehicles were seized for no insurance, while a ‘meet’ for enthusiasts also took place involving dozens of cars at County Way.

Ch Insp Chris Foster said: “The County Way event went without incident on Sunday but we have been issuing section 171 notices which act as a warning to anyone whose vehicle is caught driving antisocially and the 172 which allows us to seize the vehicle.

“They are really good tools to have at our disposal as there’s little tolerance with those whose vehicles are identified. Although a warning can be given, if the public report a registration plate a few times we can immediately go to the section 172 notice.”

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Nearby businesses and motorists who park their vehicles at County Way have been asked to report further incidents to the police to build up a better picture of cars which are regularly using the car park on an evening.

It’s hoped information will be relayed back to police, as they were at a similar series of incidents on the Barnsley border near Hemsworth, where recorded footage of cars responsible was handed to police.

“As ever it’s key the public continue to help us by reporting issues such as motorists who are seen driving erratically,” Chf Insp Foster added.

“We can’t be everywhere so it’s essential we can build up a bigger picture of what’s going on.”