AN UNBEATEN kickboxer has continued his winning streak to strike himself a junior world title.

Owen Deakin, 14, of Lindhurst Road in Athersley, who trains at the Combat Academy in Wombwell, took home the ICO Junior Kickboxing World Title in the 35kg category after taking on the former junior Irish champion, Jamie Walter.

This was Owen’s 18th full contact fight where he took on his opponent for the full duration of the game, which was five two minute rounds.

Owen’s kickboxing trainer, Mick Crossland, said: “Owen is still an unbeaten kickboxer and I think that this was by far his best performance of his career. He has paid fantastic attention to detail and he is such a good, hard-working kid.

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“He is a fantastic young fighter and I am very very proud of what he’s achieved so far. I think he’ll go far in this game.”

Owen’s dad, Shane, said: “We are super super proud of him, he has trained so hard for this. He is so willing he sticks to his diets and routines which can be hard sometimes because when he goes to his friends house and everyone is having a McDonald’s he’ll just have something different.

“Doing kickboxing has taught him lots of discipline and this title was a long time coming. You can’t just turn up to a World title fight, you have to train and make sure you’re ready for it.

“He’s still unbeaten and we’ve talked to him and this is definitely something that he wants to make a career out of.”