A RARE china mug which is thought to be more than 100 years old surfaced at a village Spring fair.

Jennifer Collishaw took the item to the Brierley Spring Fete to show to long-standing residents of the village who may be interested in it.

It is thought to be a peace mug commemorating the end of the First World War.

Jennifer said she had got the piece from her mum, who got it from her parents, and that it has been passed down through the years, eventually ending up in her possession.

Her granddad, Willie Wilkinson, was born in 1880 and her grandmother, Beatrice May Wilkinson, was born in 1885.

“I took it up to the Spring fete to show a few people who have lived in Brierley for many years but I’m not too sure about the history of it,” said Jennifer.

If any of the Chronicle readers have any more information about this rare piece of china then please get in touch by either sending an email to megan.wallace@barnsley-chronicle.co.uk or call 734202.