A NETBALL team who dedicated hours in the midst of their exam revision have been recognised for their achievements.

The Darton Academy year 11 netball team have been together since they started secondary school five years ago.

The team, based at the Ballfield Lane school, have won and retained their title as the Barnsley Netball Champions and for the last two years, qualified to represent Barnsley in the South Yorkshire Netball League.

Despite being in the middle of their GCSE revision, the girls have stayed behind after revision sessions for netball practice, eager to train.

Their teacher and coach, Alice Wilkinson, has noticed the girls’ commitment to train and resilience and has put the team forward for a Young Champions award.

She said: “I have coached the girls from the beginning and they are an absolute pleasure to coach and work with.

“Even though the girls are in the middle of intense revision for their GCSE’s, they are still eager to train and participate in competitions which is inspiring. On some nights they stay behind until 5.30pm just to train and they are very dedicated.

“They have made it to the South Yorkshire Finals twice and although they have not won, they always have a smile on their face and use it as fuel to train harder so they can do better.

“I am proud of them and they really deserve recognition.”