A YOUNG dancer with scoliosis has won at a dance competition.

Libby Davies, 11, has been dancing since she was four and has not let the condition scoliosis - which causes her spine to curve - to stop her from doing what she loves.

Despite having to wear a back brace for 20 hours a day, even when she sleeps, Libby is determined to succeed.

“She finds things hard but she doesn’t give in,” said Libby’s mum Mandy Davies, of Hawkshaw Lane, Hoyland.

“She has two curves and a twist to her spine and she has to have her brace tightened at Sheffield Children’s Hospital every few months but she never complains and she is really brave.”

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Libby, along with her younger sister Layla, seven, dance at Fusion Ballroom Dance Academy in Denton, Manchester, and despite dancing for only 30 minutes per week, the pair have been successful at a competition in Withenshaw this week.

“The girls danced in the IDTA North West Area competition,” said Mandy.

“Libby won under 13 modern sequence champion and vice champion in classical sequence.

“This is the first time Libby has danced in the under 13 category so I am really proud that she has won the title already.

“Layla won the vice champion in the six to eight category and it was lovely to see because she partnered with her older sister Hayley as well.

“She has just finished her SATs as well so it was a great way for her to end a stressful week.

“I’m so proud of them both, I am over the moon to be honest.”