AN ART student who feared being kicked off his course after documents allowing him to stay in England indefinitely were delayed has finally received the news he can stay.

Moussa Haydar, 20, now lives in Kendray but was born in Lebanon and moved to England in 2007 to escape conflict.

In order to receive student finance to fund his degree in fine art practice at Barnsley College, Moussa applied for his Indefinite Leave to Remain documents which would allow him to access loans as well as earn a British driving licence.

However, his place at the college was put at risk when his documents took over a year to be processed which left him without any finance and mounting debt as he progressed through the first year of his course.

In a bid to help him to remain on his course, Moussa’s friends began fundraising on his behalf and eventually raised the entire amount needed for one year of his degree.

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“I’d like to thank the people that raised money to help me stay on the course because not many people would have done that,” said Moussa. “

“Friends like that are hard to find and I really do thank them a lot.

“It was lovely that they came together to help me to pay for my first year, but without student finance I would be in the same situation next year.”

After a year’s wait, Moussa received the news that his Indefinite Leave to Remain documents had been processed and that his student finance loan will be paid, allowing Moussa to secure his place on the course.

“I got a phone call from the Home Office saying that I will have my Leave to Remain documents and then my tutor told me that my loan had gone through to the university.

“I’m really excited because it means I can stay for next year and the year after and it means I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

“The thought of being kicked off my course was the most horrible thing because every day I was wondering if that was the day I would be asked to leave.”

Now, after receiving his documents, Moussa can enjoy the rest of his degree safe in the knowledge his education is paid for.