A GROUP of nine pupils from a primary school have set up a business selling handmade items and donated their profits to their local food bank.

Year five students from Park Street Primary School in Wombwell launched their business Little Treasures, which sells handmade jewellery and home accessories.

The items were all made from recycled materials and sold at a number of local schools and businesses and the enterprising schoolchildren raised almost £1,000.

The group decided to set up the business as part of the Tycoon Enterprise Competition, which was was created in 2011 by the Peter Jones Foundation set up by entrepreneur and ‘dragon’ on BBC show Dragons’ Den, Peter Jones.

As part of the competition the team were granted a £15 investment to cover start-up costs, which they had to repay once they broke even.

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The business Little Treasures built was a business model that worked, with the youngsters donating £200 to the local Salvation Army food bank, giving some money back to the charitable foundation that set up the competition, and having enough to put back into the business - all from an initial investment of only £15.

Teacher Lilian Fitchett said while the business didn’t win the competition, the nine students behind Little Treasures enjoyed the experience so much they wanted to continue it afterwards - and they have even branched out into tie-dyed T-shirts and tote bags.

So far they have raised almost £1,000.

Their entrepreneurship has seen the group nominated for a Young Champions award.

Lilian said: “I am amazed and thrilled with how hard the group have worked and how dedicated they have been to building the business and making a difference.

“Myself and the other staff said to the pupils one they had repaid their investment they could use the money how they saw fit and I could not be more proud to see how they’ve invested the money raised.

“To hear they they have been nominated for an award, we are absolutely thrilled. They have worked so hard and to give back to those who don’t have much just shows how mature they are. Although they didn’t win the competition they have been determined to carry on and raise even more money. They have loved running the business and helping the wider community. I am thankful they have been recognised for this.”