A COUNCILLOR is calling on local MPs for Barnsley to come to a meeting about the increases in bus fare and issues with public transport services.

Coun Jake Lodge, who was elected as an independent councillor for Worsbrough at the beginning of the month, said he believes fare prices are ‘getting out of hand’ and he wants to raise awareness of the issue.

“Public transport fares have been an issue for me for a long time,” said Coun Lodge. “During my time speaking to residents over the last few years it has become apparent that it is also an issue for residents in Worsbrough and I suspect it is the same across the borough.

“We have seen continual increases in bus fares in particular over the last few years and it is the belief of me and many others that this is getting out of hand.”

Coun Lodge also said he believes the prices are unfair because of the lack of frequent bus services in certain areas in Barnsley.

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He said: “In Barnsley, passengers can be expected to pay between £3.90 and £4.30 for an adult day pass, while in Sheffield the same ticket costs £4.50. However, passengers in Sheffield receive more regular services and can travel any distance within the city.

“So, to put this in to context, a return journey from Sheffield to Shiregreen which is an 11-mile journey costs £4.50 and half the distance for a return journey in Barnsley can cost between the price range set out above.

“As well as this, we have seen buses cut and very little services in some areas of Worsbrough. In Bank End, our service has been reduced by one bus an hour and in Ward Green, our services are every hour through Monday to Friday.”

The councillor believes that by bringing local MPs together it will help to bring awareness to the issue and help public transport users get better services, as well as prices.

“I want to see better services for residents in my ward and fares to be brought in line with those in other areas,” said Coun Lodge.

“I think that our local MPs need to play a larger role and speak directly with Stagecoach and South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) to offer these.

“My fear is that residents in Worsbrough and other wards face being priced out of going in to Barnsley and that would be a real shame, given the redevelopment of the town centre.”