A MARCH through the town centre took place on Sunday to mark 100 years since Barnsley Pals’ colours were laid up in St Mary’s Church.

Replica flags showed what the originals - which have been laid up in the war memorial chapel in St Mary’s since 1923 and have slowly worn away - would have looked like in all their glory.

A ‘colour party’ carried the two replicas and a variety of groups took part in the procession, including members of the Royal British Legion and Barnsley Central MP Dan Jarvis, accompanied by the Dodworth Colliery Band.

A service held at the church was attended by an estimated 200 guests afterwards and Jane Ainsworth, who has coordinated the project, thanked people for their attendance.

“It’s a huge part of Barnsley’s history so it’s incredibly important that we remember the sacrifices they made,” she added.

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“The replicas are exact copies, even down to their size, of the originals which are unfortunately in a poor state.

“We’re fundraising in order for the originals to be framed.

“It’s a lot of work, time and money to do that but it remains the long-term goal.

“Unfortunately the longer it takes, the more they deteriorate.

“Sunday’s event was special and it was great to see how many people turned out for it.”