STAFF and parents at a primary school in Hoyland hosted an event which allows parents to work alongside their children and encourage their learning.

Hoyland Springwood Primary School regularly invites parents into school to work with the children and it enables parents to get involved with pupils’ learning and the pupils to see their parents engaging with the school.

The event is part of the school’s ‘SHINE’ initiative which is an acronym that embodies the ethos ‘Succeed, Happy, Individual, Nurturing and Excel.’

As part of the SHINE event parents and pupils created a Tudor-inspired London town scene.

Jen Hunt, headteacher of the school, said: “Dedicated staff and parents at Hoyland Springwood Primary school, who inspire, motivate and act as good role models to children, have contributed to organising and hosting our wonderful SHINE event.

“Recently the whole school with their parents created a Tudor inspired London town scene to link into the school curriculum.

“The children worked with enthusiasm and collaboration with others both older and younger than themselves to create some wonderful scenes.

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“It was truly a successful event and one where the pupils, staff and parents were able to ‘SHINE’ together.”