AN UNUSUAL new UK map swaps the names of towns and cities with their most searched-for resident - with some surprising results for the Barnsley borough.

Created by Matt Daniels and Russell Goldenberg from visual storytelling website The Pudding, the People Map of the UK uses search information taken from encyclopaedia website Wikipedia to see how many times a person’s name crops up in searches and where that person is from.

While England international footballer John Stones is the most searched person in the whole of Barnsley, and Ian McMillan, Brian Blessed and Charlie Williams take the place of Darfield, Mexborough and Royston respectively, there are some surprises on the map.

Sportsmen and those involved in the arts fill most of the Barnsley area, but people can also use the tool to learn about Victoria Cross recipient Ian McKay, from Wortley, inventor Joseph Bramah from Stainborough, and Thurlstone-born blind mathematician Nicholas Saunderson, thought to have first discovered the probability formula Bayes’ theorem.

Find it here.