WITH a new single and music video out this week, a group of Dearne rockers are gearing up for their second album release.

The Sherlocks, who are from Bolton-upon-Dearne, released their single NYC (Sing It Loud) this week - which is one of the songs from their album Under Your Sky.

The video explores themes of American showbiz, featuring actor Thomas Turgoose - who is known for his roles in This is England and Game of Thrones - on the ‘Uncomfortably Late Show’. And the single itself is inspired by the band touring America and the unglamorous sides of it.

The video - which features the band playing on the ‘show’ looks at guests performing odd and uncomfortable acts - much to the amusement of Turgoose and the host.

And according to drummer Brandon Crook, the video has had the ‘best response yet’.

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“It’s been massive and it’s been the biggest reaction we have ever had,” he said. “Everyone is saying they like it and that it was good to get Thomas involved.”

The quartet built a friendship with the actor after meeting him at an Oasis exhibition.

“We went on a few nights out with him and we just sort of kept in touch after that,” said Brandon.

“We’ve been out with him a few times and he started going to our gigs. We had this idea for the video and had a few different names of people who could star in it thrown our way but we decided to ask him (Thomas) and he said yes.

“It’s had a great reaction.”

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