A DEVOTED student has managed to complete all of her 14 years of schooling without having a single day off.

Olivia Allen, 18, of Green Hill Grove, Hoylandswaine, recently completed her A Levels exams at Penistone Grammar School.

In addition to her achievement of finishing school, she has an extra reason to celebrate as she has also never had a day’s absence.

In 2012, Olivia was presented with an award from Hoylandswaine Primary School for never missing a day there, and she continued this record throughout her secondary education, which was noted by the school.

Olivia said: “One of the reasons I always made sure I attended was that I didn’t want to miss a day and then spend time having to catch up.

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“I always used to think what is the point in missing a day because school is only six hours. If I was feeling a little off, I knew I could go to bed as soon as I got home.

“I’ve also been quite lucky in the fact that I have not had any serious illnesses which would have required me to stay off school.

“I enjoy learning and I didn’t see the need to miss school. It’s an opportunity we only get once so what’s the point in not going and letting something small like a cold stop you?”

Olivia is hoping to study geography and natural science at university and she doesn’t plan on missing any time there.

She added: “It sounds cheesy but you are in control of your future. You need to be your own person and take each opportunity with both hands.”

Olivia’s dad, Paul said: “We are very proud of what Olivia has achieved. There have of course been days where we thought she may not go in but she always said she’d go and the call from school to pick her up never came.

“I have no doubt that she will continue this when she goes to university.”