A COMPROMISE has been reached after the owner of an Indian restaurant imposed parking charges to deter shoppers from ditching their cars in the restaurant’s car park.

Miron Rahman, who runs Dil Raj on High Street, said he was ‘fed up’ of people using the restaurant’s adjoining car park to access neighbouring businesses.

He told the Chronicle the use of the car park, which holds about 30 vehicles, was affecting his customers and he opted to employ an enforcement company whose warning signs have now been erected at the venue.

“I had no choice as it’s something that was affecting trade,” he added. “People often left their cars overnight so I took the decision to bring in the restrictions.”

However, Coun Neil Wright held a meeting with Mr Rahman on Wednesday to discuss the move, which resulted in them being relaxed following a public backlash.

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A 15-minute free stay has been extended to an hour, after which the £3 per day fee comes into effect. Free parking for shopkeepers on High Street has also been included.

Coun Wright said: “There was talk that planning permission was required but that’s not the case, but I’m glad we’ve been able to find a compromise.

“I understand Miron’s comments about it affecting his business after 5pm, but I can’t get my head around why it would hamper him at 10am as the restaurant isn’t open until the evening.”