FRIENDS of Elsecar Park were pleased to show off a colourful mural which has helped to cover up graffiti.

The park was recently vandalised and graffiti was left on the reservoir walls underneath the bridge, which members of the group said made the area look ‘a state’.

However, Friends of Elsecar Park collaborated with Elsecar Holy Trinity Church of England Primary Academy and the company Virgin Media. Virgin white washed the graffiti as the provider said it wanted to ‘give something back’ to the community in return for the recent disruption while the company installed new cabling over several months.

Pupils at Holy Trinity, less than half a mile away from the park, drew and painted their favourite animals and objects which could be found in trees.

Then, volunteers of the Friends of Elsecar Park re-created these images to form the new artwork.

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Janet Cartwright of Friends of Elsecar Park said: “The mural consists of colourful birds, squirrels, owls and other creatures displaying the pupils name and age, and it is hoped this will discourage further graffiti and vandalism at a park which is loved and visited by residents across the wider community.”