TRAVELLERS accused of threatening bus drivers on their routes through Brierley are set to be investigated by police after an operator lodged a complaint.

Stagecoach’s 27 and 28 services, which go through the village, have allegedly been targeted by travellers who have reportedly subjected drivers to verbal abuse.

Although the bus operator said no violence had occurred, the Chronicle understands two recent incidents resulted in South Yorkshire Police being contacted by concerned bosses.

“We have twice suffered problems recently with antisocial behaviour in Brierley when a parked vehicle prevented our bus from getting through and our drivers were subject to abuse and threats,” managing director Matt Davies said.

“The safety of our employees and customers is our overriding priority and we do not tolerate such behaviour towards our staff.”

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It comes after a recent police meeting was told travellers’ akitas - a powerful breed of dog - had become a problem in Brierley and in particular its park.

Due to the worries, police are expected to name the issues as their local priority for the summer next week.

A member of Brierley Residents’ Group, who did not wish to be named, added: “The complaints first started because of the akitas’ prominence in the park as we were told a young mother had been chased by one.

“They can be intimidating dogs and the owner, apparently, did nothing more than laugh about it so that shows you the mentality of the people responsible.

“There’s been two buses stopped in their tracks by travellers’ vehicles in recent weeks and I was on one, travelling along Common Road.

“We stopped suddenly because a pick-up truck had slammed on the brakes and when the bus driver beeped, two men got out and threatened him.

“Kids could easily have been on the bus at the time and it was a scary situation to be in.

“The driver was doing his job and to be threatened by two thugs is unacceptable.

“I’m unsure as to what happened on the second occasion but it’s something residents will be asking the police to instate as their priority to stop this happening again.”

A police spokesman told the Chronicle they were aware of Stagecoach’s complaint and said they are investigating two buses’ CCTV footage.

Mr Davies added: “We are working with South Yorkshire Police and the Passenger Transport Executive’s Travelsafe Partnership to identify those involved and ensure that our buses can operate safely and reliably in the area.”