A COUNCIL housing tenant has said he is ‘struggling to sleep at night’ due to worrying about scaffolding outside his house.

Martin Anderson, of Wath Road, Elsecar, has lived in his Berneslai Homes property for four years and said he had no problems until scaffolding was erected outside his house six weeks ago by Kier Group.

The 44-year-old said he was never informed about why the scaffolding was put up, or what work they would be doing. He also said the scaffolding has been put outside the front and back of the house blocking his windows.

However, Martin, who has depression and other mental health issues, said no work has been done since the structure has been there and he is getting more frustrated as time goes on.

“The scaffolding has been there for six weeks now and the job was supposed to get started two weeks ago,” said Martin. “I have put in six complaints to Berneslai Homes via phone and one through filling in a form.

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“I struggle with my mental health and this has put a big strain on it - I feel very anxious in the house because of the scaffolding. There is no access to get out of the house if there is a fire and downstairs is blocked as I can’t get through the window because the scaffolding is at the front and back of the property, so there is a safety issue.

“I am unable to sleep at night because I am worrying about it.”

Martin said the work is being is being done by Kier Group and even though he has complained to the council and Berneslai Homes, nothing has been done to push the work forward.

He said he is currently house-bound due to struggling with his mental health but spends a lot of time worrying about the problem with the scaffolding.

“It is going right up to the roof and it is ridiculous, it doesn’t seem safe to begin with,” said Martin.

“I just think its wrong that nothing has been done and because of my mental health issues they should let me know in advance that work is being done.

“Its just making me worry about how I can get out if there is a fire and I don’t want this to happen to anyone else who struggles with their mental health.”

A spokesman on behalf of Kier Housing Maintenance and Berneslai Homes said: “We can confirm that the replacement guttering to affected properties in Wath Road will be complete within the next week and we apologise for any disruption these works may have caused.”

“We will be arranging a personal visit to see Mr Anderson and will ensure that the work is carried out as a priority.”