A FUNDRAISING team who have already raised more than £20,000 for Barnsley Hospice walked continually - for 25 hours.

The team, dubbed Little and Large, was initially made up of Gavin Coles and Steve Gilbert who first began fundraising two years ago for the hospice.

However, their team has now expanded to include Owen Hedges, Scott Thresh and Gavin’s children, Mason and Chloe Coles.

From noon last Friday to 1pm Saturday, the team walked a total of 110 miles - the equivalent of more than four marathons - and raised £1,577.

“I’m never still,” said Gavin, 41, from Darley Avenue, Athersley South. “I always want to do something else and I can’t sit still.

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“Last year we did a 30-hour non-stop cycle which was difficult and this year we thought we would make it harder for ourselves by doing the walk.”

The team completed the 25-hour walk in Asda on Old Mill Lane, using a treadmill supplied by DW Fitness.

“We chose to do it because it’s the 25th anniversary of Barnsley Hospice this year so we thought we would do one hour for every year it has been going,” Gavin added.