A MOTHER whose son was badly burned has completed a skydive to raise money for the charity that helped her family in their time of need.

Frances Tighe’s son, Lewis, was only seven years old when he sustained burns over 25 per cent of his body which required skin grafts.

He was playing with a lighter when his pyjama top caught fire and he burned not only himself, but his parents’ bedroom.

Lewis was in and out of hospital between 2008 and 2009 when the family were sent on an all-expenses-paid holiday to Cumbria, courtesy of the charity My Burns Club Pinderfields.

“They were brilliant with us, they took us on a residential trip to Cumbria and it’s where fire-fighters go for rehabilitation,” said Frances, 37, from Lang Avenue, Lundwood.

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“There were nurses and medical staff on hand so the kids could go and play and that meant the adults could relax by themselves, it was all paid for by the charity so it didn’t cost us a penny which was lovely after a year of struggle.”

In order to raise money for the charity, Frances did a sponsored skydive, with the aim of raising £500.

“I’ve always said that if I was going to do something for charity it would be a skydive and I knew I wanted to raise money for the burns club,” she added.

“I was so nervous before the jump but once I was in the air it was awesome. I raised £505.

“I am really happy that I went over my target - if the money goes towards helping one family it will make it all worth it.”