A FAMILY who used Barnsley Hospital’s ‘lifesaving’ neonatal services 24 years apart have raised £5,500 for its Tiny Hearts Appeal.

Twenty-six years ago, Michaela Hatfield gave birth to her daughter Jenna who arrived early and weighed not much over three pounds when she was born.

Despite being gravely ill, Jenna became stronger and gave birth to her own baby, Matthew, two years ago who was born ten weeks prematurely and also needed treatment on the same unit.

The family, wanting to give back to the hospital, raised money via the Tractor Run which was held in Penistone in April - a popular event which was the brainchild of Sam Raynes, Jenna’s husband, whose grandad runs a farm in Gunthwaite.

Michaela, from Cudworth, said it was only the second Tractor Run Sam had organised but the event was taking off in a big way.

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“The run gets bigger and bigger,” she added. “Last year we donated the proceeds to the Embrace team in Sheffield who also treated Matthew when he was born.

“This year we thought we would give to the Tiny Hearts Appeal. Matthew was seriously ill and they were amazing looking after him - he had several things wrong and was in neonatal for over six weeks.

“Now he is an absolutely gorgeous two-year-old. He is walking and talking and is just amazing.”

The Tiny Hearts Appeal is a campaign launched by the hospital with the initial aim to raise £1m to support the relocation and development of a new neonatal unit.

Fundraising continues to help provide the best state-of-the-art equipment.

Jane Mills, Barnsley Hospital’s charity development manager, added: “We really did not expect such a generous donation. The funds will be used to continue to provide life-saving equipment for our neonatal unit, which will mean the world to many local families.”