POLICE are working with Barnsley FC after reports of anti-social behaviour at last week’s match against Sheffield Wednesday.

Bars at Hillsborough Stadium had to be closed after multiple smoke flares were let off by Barnsley supporters in the concourse of the away stand, with staff complaining of feeling ill from smoke inhalation and being evacuated.

Small groups of fans were also seen fighting and throwing flares at one another as they came away from the stadium.

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police said: “We have been made aware of pyrotechnics being discharged by Barnsley fans inside Hillsborough.

“We are working with Sheffield Wednesday and Barnsley FC to identify any offences committed and any offenders. Officers and club officials will be utilising legislation and club sanctions to deal with any suspects identified.”

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The club released a statement following the incidents, confirming it would be working with police to investigate and perpetrators identified on CCTV would face bans.

“Prior to the first home match of the season, the club issued a statement to supporters urging them to behave in the correct manner, in order to respect their fellow fans, enjoy their day and understand the fact that they are representing Barnsley Football Club at all times,” said a spokesman.

“Unfortunately, it is becoming clear that some are intent on causing issues. This is not acceptable and can’t continue. As a club, we must stress that the relationship between BFC and supporters is our utmost priority. We are urging all fans to enjoy the football and focus on supporting our team passionately, without bringing a negative spotlight on the club.”

The statement also confirmed the club was liaising with Kick It Out over an ongoing chant targeted at a Barnsley player which ‘contains stereotypical language that can be viewed as derogatory and offensive’.

Assistant coach Dale Tonge addressed the chant.

He said: “It is something we would like to stop. The player in question has seen a lot of his name in negative articles and comments. He’s new to the country. We would ask the fans to be more positive with the use of his name. We just want all the talk about him to be about football.”