THE wife of an avid Manchester United fan wants to thank the Barnsley Hospital for the care of her husband while he underwent dialysis.

Gary Jones, 63, had double kidney failure and would dialyse at Barnsley Hospital up to four times per week. Before his death he was in the process of campaigning for a memorial to the victims of the Munich air disaster to help commemorate his father who had died in the crash.

Mark Jones, was a professional football player who played for Manchester United before his untimely death aged just 24, when he was involved in the Munich air disaster in 1958. Gary was just two years old at the time, and carried the love of his late-father’s team through for the rest of his life.

When he was 21, Gary began experiencing kidney problems which culminated in a transplant and many years spent on dialysis.

“He was on dialysis for three years at Barnsley Hospital, but had dialysed at Sheffield before that,” said Gary’s wife, Susan Jones.

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“He would be there three or four times a week so got to know the staff really well and they treated him like family which made his time there a bit more bearable.”

To thank the hospital for their care during Gary’s life, Susan met to donate £740 which was raised at Gary’s funeral.

“His funeral was absolutely packed,” said Susan, 64, from Hough Lane, Wombwell.

“It was a sea of red and white because everyone was wearing Manchester United tops and all the money that will be donated was raised at his funeral.

“As a family we just want to say thank you to everyone who donated and attended his funeral.”

Gary leaves behind his three children; Lisa, Mark and Laura as well as four grandchildren and has passed his love of Manchester United on to his son.