Mike Bahre says being made Barnsley  captain was not a total surprise but it has boosted his confidence after being in and out of the side during his first season. 

The German midfielder was given the armband at the start of this season and, although he admits he may not wear it in every game, he sees it as an honour.  Bahre told the Chronicle: “I knew that I am the one who takes leadership a bit.  “I am 24 but I am one of the oldest, which is ridiculous. I wore the armband in pre-season. I didn’t really expect to get it for the season but it wasn’t like ‘oh my God, that’s new’.

"I am feeling ready to take responsibility and lead the lads on the field and represent the club and the team. It was a big boost. It’s the biggest honour you can get. It will help me a lot in my game to know that I have respect from the staff and the players.”

Bahre says he will not shout and bawl at players as some captains do. He said: “I am positive on the pitch. I will talk a lot but I won’t be shouting at other players. I am just trying to be positive because, if someone else is skipper and talks positive to me, it helps a lot. Sometimes you need to be rude if someone is really not working, but generally I will be positive.”

With Barnsley having signed players from Denmark, Belgium, Germany and Austria this summer, Bahre – who arrived from Germany a year ago – is helping them to adapt to Oakwell life. 

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“I know that situation to come to a new country with a new language and culture. I will always try to help them, immediately talk to them and say they can ask me if they need something.  That is important not just on the pitch but off the pitch as well.”

Bahre admits the armband could be swapped around, saying: “We won’t have one captain to play in every game like Davo (Adam Davies) last year. I don’t know if my body is ready for all 46 games. I am captain first but, if I am injured or on the bench, other players might be captain. 

“We have a young team and we don’t have one guy who is the leader because he is much older. I have a bit of experience, not as much as other lads from other teams who have played ten years in the Championship and are 30 years old. I have been captain for some youth teams but this is new for me.”

Bahre was concerned earlier in the summer after the Reds sold some of their promotion stars. He said: “In beginning of pre-season I was worrying because we lost big important players.  “I thought it would be a tough season but we have shown we can win against any team because we beat such a good club like Fulham in the first game.”