FURIOUS residents demanding action over a road’s safety have taken matters into their own hands by putting up a trio of handmade warning signs.

Station Road in Worsbrough Dale, which some residents say is being used as a shortcut for speeding commuters, has been the scene of multiple scrapes involving their parked cars.

Worried residents have now made signs which have been placed along Station Road to warn drivers of the dangerous bend.

The signs, printed on brightly coloured card and mounded on wooden posts, warn drivers ‘Please slow down’, ‘Slow - bad bend’ and ‘Careful now’.

They line the edge of the road often used as a rat-run through Wombwell Woods to Blacker Hill, Hoyland and Wombwell.

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Leslie Nixon, who lives on Station Road, said: “There needs to be some kind of traffic calming on this road, like speed bumps, to help prevent the amount of cars coming down at speed.

“At the very least it needs to be monitored. People’s cars are being hit through no fault of their own. and there is nowhere else to park.”

Some residents attended their local MP Stephanie Peacock’s surgery, where they raised the issue with her and asked for traffic measures to be implemented.

The Barnsley East MP said: “Following comments made by constituents in my recent resident’s drop-in, I am now in communication with Barnsley Council, local police and bus services to address their concerns.

“Residents lives are clearly affected by the issues on Station Road and we should consider all possible actions to reduce congestion, pollution and speeding, including moving the existing location of the bus stop and increasing patrols to reduce speeding.

“I will continue to update residents on my actions and the progress being made, and work with the relevant bodies to ensure the problems encountered on Station Road are properly addressed.”

Coun Gill Carr for Worsbrough said that the signs are ‘eye-catching’ and may change people’s attitudes, and she can understand residents’ frustrations.

However, she is concerned about the placements of the signs as it can be a ‘hazard to put things on a highway’ and may break highway legislation. She also has doubts over the future of signs.

“Whether they’ll remain is another matter,” she said.

Worsbrough Coun Jake Lodge added: “I am currently working on measures to make roads in Worsbrough much safer.

“We have had various issues on other roads, including Station Road, West Street and Park Road.

“I am unhappy with the limited responses from the council and continue to press them.

“I sympathise entirely with the residents of Station Road. I will meet the residents in the near future to discuss and take the case to council and demand action.”