A COUPLE who had been together for a year before they realised they had been in the same class at nursery almost 20 years earlier tied the knot on Saturday.

Amy and Ben Tate, both 27, could have been childhood sweethearts but in the end it wasn’t until their early 20s that their romance could blossom.

It was only when a photo taken at Kings Road Nursery in Wombwell in the mid-1990s cropped up on Facebook that the shocked couple realised they had met much earlier than they thought.

“I met Ben while I was studying broadcast journalism at university,” said Amy, from Priory Park View, Lundwood.

“He was visiting his friend who was my house-mate when we were introduced and we hit it off and started talking.

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“About a year into our relationship, Ben was tagged in a photo on Facebook and as we were looking at it, I realised that I was in the photo too.”

The photo was of Ben and Amy’s nursery class at Kings Road Nursery in Wombwell which they both attended at the same time.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Amy. “You never speak about nursery so I understand why we never knew but it was so crazy to be looking at the photo of Ben and there I was.”

The couple also found out that they share more similarities and may have crossed paths more than they thought.

“We started talking and realised that we went to the same college and knew the same people, we also found out that our mums went to Wombwell High School together and we never knew.”

Ben and Amy were married on Saturday at Wentworth Woodhouse and have a three-month-old daughter together, Poppy.

“We love that photo now,” said Amy. “It has the pride of place on top of our TV cabinet.

“It’s strange to think we probably met or were in the same place as each other and never knew it, but we got there in the end, it’ll be a good story to tell Poppy when she grows up.”