CRICKET umpire Dickie Bird is an indisputable part of Barnsley’s sporting history - but he’s been sent into the future after university boffins created a perfect 3D-printed representation of his head.

Experts from the University of Huddersfield’s innovation centre collared the iconic umpire on a recent visit and put him through the 3D printing process, on the suggestion of vice-chancellor Bob Cryan - who later presented Dickie with the bust produced from an accurate 360 degree scan of his head.

Dickie had previously been impressed by the technology, which had been used to create a bust of former universty chancellor Sir Patrick Stewart.

The bust will now be auctioned to raise money for Dickie’s charity, the Dickie Bird Foundation - which provides grants which aid disadvantaged youngsters to take part in the sport of their choice.

“I would really like to thank the University of Huddersfield,” said Dickie. “I was blown away by what they have done, it is absolutely marvellous and it means a great deal to me. They have done an amazing job.”

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Dickie has a long-standing relationship with the University of Huddersfield, which awarded him an honorary doctorate in 2008.

He is a popular visitor, especially among overseas students from cricket powerhouses such as India and Pakistan, among whom he has a cult following.

In 2013 he had an 80th birthday celebration at the university.

The bust joins another sculpture - the statue crafted by local artist Graham Ibbeson and unveiled at its site on Church Street in 2009 - in an ever-growing collection of representations of Dickie.