MEMBERS of a quilting and patchwork group are seeking funding to keep their doors open and their needles clicking.

The Dearne Needle Class meets every Tuesday for a chat and to learn new needle skills such as knitting and patchwork quilting.

“There’s nine of us who meet every week,” said treasurer, Cynthia Rowe. “We have a sewing machine and a gadget to cut out shapes and we get an instructor to teach us new things and new patterns.

“We all take it in turns to bring some cake or snacks to the meeting for us to have. For some of our members its the only time they get out in a week and they enjoy speaking to people.”

The group is struggling for funding to rent the room and provide instructors.

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“At the moment we have to charge to be able to keep going,” said Cynthia. “But we used to get funding from the Miners’ Welfare but that’s stopped now.

“Most of the funding goes on new groups but we would like some to keep going.”

The Dearne Needle Class meets every Tuesday from 9.45am to noon at the Windsor Gardens Community Centre. Phone 01709 431748 for more details.