WORRIED residents who say they have been campaigning ‘for years’ to get traffic measures installed at an accident blackspot say action must now be taken after a pedestrian was killed.

Barnsley Road, in Cudworth, is said to have ‘major’ issues with parked cars and speeding according to concerned residents, who have urged highways bosses to act after local man Brett Smith, 48, was fatally struck by a moped on August 21.

South Yorkshire Police arrested its rider, a 39-year-old man, on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving and enquiries are continuing, a spokesperson confirmed.

Barnsley Road, which is the main route through the village before it connects with Pontefract Road - another area locals say has a high accident rate and last had a fatality in 2017 - has a 30mph limit but residents allege it’s often ignored.

Julie Lawcock told the Chronicle: “It’s an argument that’s gone on for years and now is the time to act. We’ve complained about it so many times but nothing seems to be solving the problem.

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“It needs a speed camera to deter any speeding motorists. It’s a busy road and everything that could be done to save a life, especially following yet another tragedy, needs to be done.”

It has also been reported that boy racers have been using a route which is said to start in Cudworth, heads into Royston and into West Yorkshire on the A6201 at Hemsworth - the scene of a fatal collision between a quad, which was carrying four youngsters, and a Nissan 350Z in 2015.

Ryan Beal and Brandon Brown, both 20, Alexandra Binns, 18, and 16-year-old Terrie Louise Kirby, all from Upton, died when they were hit by the Nissan.

Its driver, Daniel Raynor, of Windhill Lane, Staincross, reached speeds of up to 140mph and received a nine-year prison term for causing four deaths by dangerous driving.

Coun Charlie Wraith told the Chronicle that speed operations, carried out by the police, would be something he would back to address concerns, while traffic counters - which record speed and volume - could be fitted to more roads in the future to build up a picture of true speeds.

“As ever it’s the minority who are responsible and there’s no real way of stopping them without putting a speed camera up.” he added. “You can also put speed bumps in, but then you’ll have complaints as we saw in Royston.

“We had serious concerns made by local residents on nearby Burton Road last year about a high accident rate and speeding but it was attributed to driver error.

“I understand residents’ concerns very well as myself and Joe Hayward (fellow Cudworth councillor) live locally and witness vehicles going like the clappers regularly.

“It’s a major problem and you often can’t believe just how fast vehicles travel.”

Earlier this year the council approved plans to enforce a traffic regulation order on Barnsley Road, from Montague Street to Crosby Street, and double yellow lines have been painted on some sections to prevent motorists from parking on the road - a hazard residents said added to its danger.

Sgt Richard Wilson, who heads up the Cudworth-based policing team, said: “The community speed watch scheme is something we’ve relaunched and we’re in the process of engaging with communities who have expressed worries about speeding in their area.

“It’s something we think can be effective and it involves residents talking part, maybe for an hour, on a road identified at local crime meetings if it’s deemed suitable.

“The sessions will initially be led by PCSOs who have been trained in how to use the speed gun, who can in turn train up residents.

“Although it’s not for prosecution unless a driver is very obviously speeding, an education letter will be sent at that stage.

“The project is underway and we’re keen for locals to join their local policing teams across Barnsley.”

Coun Chris Lamb, cabinet spokesperson for environment and transportation, said: “We are aware of the recent incident on Barnsley Road, Cudworth, and are unable to comment on this incident until the police have completed their investigations.

“We receive details of all personal injury collisions that occur throughout the borough. This information is analysed by staff to see if there are any concerns as to the frequency and nature of collisions.

“Causation factors are thoroughly investigated and if necessary any improvement works are programmed on the basis of priority.”

Police continue to appeal for any witnesses to the collision to come forward, especially any motorists with dash cam footage.

All information can be reported via 101 quoting incident reference number 304 of August 21.