A WORLD record holding freestyle footballer is bringing his tricks and tips to Barnsley Academy.

Ash Randall has recently broken his 20th world record for the most football neck catch passes in one minute with his friend Steve Gray.

“I’d been aiming for the 20th for a while but I was putting it off because I didn’t know what to do for it,” said Ash.

“I’ve already broken the longest time controlling a football with the soles of the feet on the roof of a moving car in 91 seconds, which I attempted down an airport runway.

“But then an opportunity came up literally on the day. We were doing a show and I thought, ‘shall we try and go for this record?’

“We beat it in practice and we went out ten minutes later and did it live in front of 1,000 people.”

The previous record was 41 neck catches but the pair managed to do 42.

Ash is now hosting a Freestyle Football taster session at Barnsley Academy, Bank End, to help teach younger children some of his freestyle skills.

“I’ve got this freestyle football taster session - I’m trying to see if there would be enough interest around a six week camp, one a week, so youngsters can come and learn a few freestyle tricks and skills with myself. I’d love to see loads of people there, we will learn so many skills that took me so long to figure out on my own.

“Having little tips will really help these kids learn a few tricks and skills, so I’d love to see a few people there.”

The taster session kicks off today from 5.45pm for ages eight to 11 and 6.30pm for ages 12 to 14.

The session will be held at Barnsley Academy and is £5 per child. To book a place, email the child’s name and age to info@freestylefootballacademy.com.