The Metrodome staged World Snooker’s qualifying event for the World Open this week, despite the absence of Neil Robertson who accidentally drove to the wrong Barnsley.

The Australian former world champion mistakenly entered the tiny Gloucestershire village of Barnsley in his Satnav and ended up 170 miles away from the Metrodome. 

Robertson tweeted: “When I realised there was a second Barnsley it was too late to get to the other one.” 

Other top names made it to Barnsley such as Mark Selby, Jimmy White, Shaun Murphy and John Higgins.  The Metrodome’s Richard Bailey said: “We have loved having World Snooker back. We are trying to make the people of Barnsley aware that we regularly have some the best snooker players in the world at the Metrodome and entry is free.

"Stories like the Neil Robertson one just bring us more attention and publicity to our events. Hopefully it makes people realise that we have these great events on at the Metrodome and they can come and watch them. We have three more World Snooker qualifying events booked in over the next six months.”

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Snooker is set to return to the Metrodome for the German Open qualifiers from December 17-22 then again in both February and March.