MEMBERS of a Women’s Institute group took to the beach as part of a nation-wide beach clean up to help the environment.

Barnsley Opals Women’s Institute (BOWI) visited Flamborough’s North Landing beach to take part in a beach clean-up organised by the Marine Conservation Society.

Each year the society hosts the Great British Beach Clean which aims to encourage the public to keep beaches clean after their visit.

Ten members of the BOWI group took part in the beach clean which took place from September 20 to 23.

President of Barnsley Opals, Sarah Dunn, said: “When we got to the beach we were commenting saying what a clean beach it was and how we thought we would struggle to find any litter to pick up.

“When the beach clean started we were all looking for bottles and crisp packets, but as we struggled to find litter we realised we were looking for much smaller pieces.

“We collected tiny pieces of polystyrene, plastic, foam and fabric. We also found so many balls of fishing line and even dog poo tied in non-biodegradable plastic bags.

“Along with other volunteers on the day we collected 531 pieces of litter in one hour and most of it was plastic. It has really motivated our members to not leave litter when they are at the beach, and to try and keep the beaches clean.”