A FARMER has been left baffled after a family of goats were abandoned in a garden in Dodworth.

Tom Horsfield from Pot House Hamlet received a phone call on Saturday from a member of the public who told him that there was a family of goats in his garden on Moorland Avenue, Dodworth.

When Tom arrived he found a billy goat, nanny goat, and a small kid who he described as ‘friendly’.

“When the man phoned me I was a bit confused - how do three goats get into a garden in Dodworth?” said Tom, 70. “I thought at first they were from another farm but the homeowner said that he had first contacted the police, RSPCA, and then Cannon Hall Farm who confirmed that they knew nothing about the goats.

“Luckily the man had a nice and enclosed garden so they were quite happy there and I was able to get them into my van and take them back to Pot House.”

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Pot House Hamlet in Silkstone has a petting zoo where visitors can feed the animals such as goats, sheep and donkeys.

“I put the goats in my barn where I knew they would be safe and looked after and I have been trying to get in contact with the owner through the tag in the billy and nanny goat’s ears.

“By law all animals have to be tagged but the number I called doesn’t go through to the owners themselves so it’s been a bit of a struggle,” he added.

“I really can’t think where they came from, they could have escaped but you’d think that someone would have gotten in touch by now.

“They are really cute goats though, they’re pigmy goats so they’re quite small and the baby is all white apart from its feet. I’d just love to know where the goats came from and return them to their rightful owner.”

If you have any information about the goats please contact Tom on 07988 624618.