TRIBUTES have been paid to a popular performer and agent who died on Tuesday.

Trevor Carr, who went by the stage name Steve Jackson, died aged 85 after suffering a stroke.

He was an avid performer, having performed since the age of 15 while he was working at Carlton Colliery as a miner.

He was in the group, The Three Renowns, with his wife Maureen and Stan Richards who later went on to appear in Emmerdale as Seth Armstrong.

“He was an avid performer,” said Trevor’s daughter Michelle Carr, 61. “He performed with my mum for a lot of years and they won clubland awards which were really big in the 60s.”

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In 1974, Trevor started his own talent agency, Steve Jackson Services Promotions on Rotherham Road, which he ran until he was 80. There he helped multiple performers to break into the industry and became the biggest entertainment agent in South Yorkshire.

“He was an inspiration to the family,” said Trevor’s son Mark Carr, 57. “He was a wise owl and he was known for his straight-talking attitude.

“He enjoyed sport and history and was supportive of everything we do. He was a true performer through and through and only retired at 80 after more than 65 years in the industry.”

Alan Renwick, a client of Trevor’s, said: “About 30 years ago I had been a professional vocalist for many years when I needed an operation for vocal nodes which would leave me unemployed for a while. My wife was pregnant with our first born and it was a tricky time.

“I came across an ad for Steve Jackson’s agency and I phoned him up and it all went from there.

“He was a no-nonsense guy and I had a lot of respect for him, he was a gentleman, very funny and I am so proud to say that he was my mentor.”

Trevor will be remembered by all who knew him including his two children, five grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

His funeral will take place on Wednesday at St Paul’s Church, Monk Bretton, at 1.30pm. His wake will be at the Full House pub on Rotherham Road from 3pm onwards.