A COUPLE were left ‘disconnected from the world’ after telecommunications giant Virgin Media engineers cut their wires connecting their next door neighbour’s house to the service.

Debbie Smith, of Vernon Close, Worsbrough Common, has been a customer Virgin Media for over 20 years.

Her neighbour on Bruce Avenue had the service installed at their house and when the engineers came to connect them, they cut straight through the wires connecting Debbie to the service, immediately cutting off her phone line, internet and television service.

She said: “Everything just turned off. I went outside to chat to the engineer and he admitted to just cutting straight through the wires. He taped it up and just left it draped on trees. I couldn’t believe it.

“My husband has cancer and doesn’t go out much due to his treatment. He relies on the internet to watch series on his phone and on television. We also need the telephone in case of an emergency.”

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Following the incident, Debbie contacted Virgin Media to complain and ask for the service to be restored, only to be told she would have to wait ten days.

“They tried to say that they had to speak to the council and get permission to fix it. We felt like we were just being fed with excuses rather than being told when the issue would be fixed. We were left feeling vulnerable.”

A Virgin Media spokesperson said: “We apologise to Ms Smith for the error and the inconvenience caused. We are pleased to have resolved the matter to her satisfaction.”