THE Children in Need album organised by a Barnsley actor has been pulled from the official charts, despite being at the number one spot.

Got It Covered, the brainchild of Shaun Dooley, features covers of songs by multiple celebrities including Helena Bonham-Carter and Jim Broadbent, with all the proceeds going to Children in Need.

After its release last Friday, the album shot to number one in the charts, beating the new Electric Light Orchestra album by 4,000 sales.

But now the Official Charts Company has made the decision to list the album under ‘various artists’, meaning it is no longer eligible to be in the main charts and will instead be in the Official Compilations Chart.

A spokesperson for the Official Charts Company said: “Having reviewed the product, it was felt that its rightful home was in the Official Compilations Chart.

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“As well as being marketed as a various artists album, Children In Need: Got It Covered lacks a consistent artist presence across the tracks.

“While the BBC Concert Orchestra performed on the record, they do not feature on four of the songs.”

Speaking on Twitter, Shaun Dooley said: “I can’t tell you how saddened and angry I am at this. We are now 10,000 sales ahead of ELO and we have been pulled by the Official Charts Company.

“This removes a revenue stream for BBC Children in Need because if the album is not in the charts, it is not in the shops.

“The thing that hurts the most is that this entire project was about decency and kindness, pulling our album is the complete opposite to everything this project stands for.”