A SPECIAL education school which has students with complex and severe learning difficulties has made it to the finals of the Proud of Barnsley awards ceremony.

Greenacre School, on Keresforth Hill Road, has students from the age of three to 19, and has a few satellite campuses across the borough.

The school uses a variety of ways to accommodate students, who are able to run their own car wash and check people’s cars on Fridays.

They also have their ‘Moving On’ project, which focuses on providing young people with enjoyable activities that will support their physical, emotional and mental well-being while developing communication skills and promoting independence.

Marie Harper, assistant head teacher at Greenacre, said the entire school is ‘delighted to be nominated’ for a Proud of Barnsley for the work staff do ‘day in and day out’.

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“We provide fully inclusive and highly personalised targets, outcomes and education for all of the students. The school has always been built on a model of social inclusion,” she said.

“All of our staff understand the importance of unity and cohesion and the school sits on a set of values that we all live our lives by every day. All of those things that we instill in our staff and our students we know are really essential for the next step in a student’s journey.

“The feedback we get from partners, parents, from everybody who comes and works here and from visitors is vital and they are amazed by the provision we offer for what is a really complex working machine.”

Greenacre maintained its ‘outstanding’ rating following its last Ofsted inspection, which took place in June last year.

Inspectors said pupils achieve ‘exceptionally well as a result of the school’s sky-high aspirations’.

The school is up against both Meadstead Primary Academy and Silkstone Primary for the School of the Year award.