A FINE art student is making the most out of litter and helping to clean it up by using it in her art work.

Megan Bailey is in the second year of her BA fine art degree at Barnsley College and said she has been making sculptures and other pieces of work out of items that have been fly-tipped across the borough.

The 20-year-old said she wants to try and turn fly-tipping into ‘something positive’ by creating art, and has used tyres, helmets and more in her work.

“I was inspired by fly-tipping as it is a big problem in the area,” said Megan. “I wanted to look at it from a different aspect and try to make it a bit more of a positive rather than a negative.

“It makes my work really unique and just adds a bit more to it. I absolutely love seeing people’s faces when I’m there rolling a spare tyre down the corridor. People do give me some really strange looks.”

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Megan has had her work displayed in The Civic in Barnsley and creates both large and small pieces of art with the fly-tipping materials she gets.

“People bring me items and I do go out and source items as well,” she said. “I’ve been making dream catchers out of old tyres and things. It’s what I enjoy.”