PEOPLE living along a narrow rural lane are up in arms about lorries going past their homes - and anger has boiled over since a huge truck was marooned for seven hours in Old Mill Lane in Thurgoland.

Residents are calling on Barnsley Council to replace signs indicating the road is unsuitable for HGVs but so far they have not had a reply to their appeal - a stance one residents slammed as ‘negligent’.

Brenda Creighton said: “We won’t just sit back and take this.”

Speaking on behalf of the Old Mill Lane community, Mrs Creighton was at the last meeting of Thurgoland Parish Council to appeal for help in getting Barnsley to take action.

“We have increasing concerns about traffic using the lane - especially HGVs,” she said.

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“There used to be signs at either end saying the road is unsuitable for lorries. But one has been taken away and the remaining one is illegible.”

She said husband, Norman, wrote to Barnsley Council on October 9 and was still waiting for a reply.

“So that is a concern as the letter was written in some urgency,” she said. “And we can’t take this further until we get a response.”

Neighbours are also writing to the borough to complain.

On occasions, said Mrs Creighton, several trucks are trying to get down Old Mill Lane, meaning residents and visitors can’t get cars through.

“Recently, a truck went past our house at 2.30am and seven hours later it was still stuck,” she said. “The driver could not manoeuvre the lorry out of the lane. A second truck was called to try to get things moving. It was massive.”

Coun Ann Rowley asked: “Why are they going down there in the first place? It’s hard enough in a car as it is pretty much single track.”

Coun Gordon Wilkinson thought the problem might lie with satellite navigations’ instructions going wrong.

“The drivers might think in good faith that they can get down there,” he said.

Mrs Creighton said: “Can the parish council back our approach to Barnsley for some new signs? Stating clearly that the road is totally unsuitable for HGVs and that there is no turning space. This would solve much of the problem and it is negligent of Barnsley Council not to attend to this.

“Large vehicles occasionally need to use the lane legitimately but they still need to be made aware of the risk.

“We won’t just sit back and accept this. We will keep going on and on.”

It was agreed to write to Barnsley in support of the residents’ appeal.