A UNIQUE giant model of the earth is one of the star attractions at Barnsley’s Bright Nights festival today and tomorrow.

Gaia is an art installation based on how earth appears when viewed from space by NASA and is now on display in the main atrium of Barnsley College’s Old Mill Lane campus. The sculpture, which was installed earlier this week, is 1.8m times smaller than Earth. It is internally lit and also rotates every four minutes to music. The installation marks a partnership between Barnsley Council and Barnsley College and the council will be looking at installing artwork in the college each year as part of Bright Nights.

Sally Steadman, director of marketing, communications and student recruitment at Barnsley College, said: “It is such an amazing piece of artwork and it really is a privilege to have it in college. For our students it brings art very much into focus, and sustainability, which is something we are working on as a college and something students want to get more involved with.”

Gaia will run from 5pm to 8.30pm today and tomorrow, along with the other installations and projections which are part of Barnsley Bright Nights.