PUPILS at a Wombwell school are celebrating after reaching the 100th episode of their news programme on YouTube.

Netherwood TV is run by staff and students at Netherwood Academy. Each week an episode is played to all students during form time and episodes also share success stories, and inform students and parents of the week ahead.

Each episode is hosted by one of the year 11 prefect team and the show is in its fourth year. The idea was proposed by head of year and community enterprise lead, Jamie Utley, who said: “I started working with the school’s teaching and learning technician, Adam Wright, and discovered that he had trained as a graphic designer and that really helped us to create Netherwood TV.

“When I first started working with Adam I would write a script and he would edit and the whole process took days but now we have it down to a fine art.”

Netherwood TV’s 100th episode will be shown at 8.20am today and will feature a look back over the past four years of the show.