RESIDENTS in a ‘nestled away’ community in Cudworth who claim their houses have plummeted in value because of a 289-home estate have condemned fresh plans which could result in more housing being built.

Carrs Lane, a narrow street which has been described as one of the village’s best residential areas thanks to its close proximity to open countryside, has been ‘ruined’ residents say by Barratt Homes’ ongoing development on what locals say was a wildlife haven.

But now Barnsley Council’s planning bosses have caused fresh anger by earmarking a neighbouring field for ten more houses - something which residents told the Chronicle was ‘unacceptable’ given the large-scale development they’ve already had to endure.

The application, submitted by Jaguar Estates and Wortley Construction, includes ten bungalows and will be decided by councillors on Tuesday in its outline form, meaning another bid will have to be made before full approval is granted.

A spokesperson from Cudworth Unites, an action group which formed several years ago to battle the neighbouring Barratt Homes development, said: “Carrs Lane is nestled away and it’s one of, if not the best, areas in Cudworth because of its positioning on the edge of the village’s countryside.

“In the last two years work has stepped up considerably on Barratt Homes’ site, which I’m told is just about finished, and has caused chaos in the locality because of the amount of lorries going to and from the site.

“Carrs Lane was peaceful, it was quiet and it was desirable but that’s been ruined by Barnsley Council’s local plan (which sets out future housing up to 2033) as it’s basically encouraged development in the most unsuitable of places.

“Locals have objected to the latest plan because they’ve already endured the Barratt Homes build - ten bungalows may seem small fry compared to that development but enough is enough.

“House prices, we believe, have already plummeted because it’s not the area it once was and that’s down to what’s been allowed to happen.”

The site - which sits adjacent to Carrs Lane - has also been brought up as a concern by locals who claim it’s flooded in the past, although a planning statement which will be discussed on Tuesday reveals Yorkshire Water did not lodge any issues when assessing the land.

If approved as expected, £64,000 will be secured via a Section 106 agreement - money set aside by developers for loss of amenity - which will be allocated to increase a local school’s capacity.

“The site was previously used for agricultural purposes, being part of a wider network of fields which have approval for residential development of 289 dwellings, currently in the process of being built by Barratt Homes,” a council planning report added.

“It is proposed to build ten dormer bungalows, fronting onto Carrs Lane, with parking and gardens.

“The application is in outline form but seeks approval over the means of access, layout, landscaping and scale of the proposed development.

“Objections have been received which say no more housing should be allowed on Carrs Lane given the amount already built, that the lane can’t support any more cars as is it unsafe for pedestrians, services are already overstretched and that residents should not have to put up with more noise and dust from construction.

“In summary the proposal is in accordance with the local plan in that it proposes residential development on a site that is allocated for new housing development, delivering additional dwellings on top of the anticipated yield. It would assist with the delivery of housing growth targets.”

Coun Charlie Wraith told the Chronicle he wasn’t against the plan, but said it would have been different if the developer wanted to build large houses.

“That area of Cudworth has had its problems with the Barratt Homes estate but this application is in keeping with Carrs Lane as they’re bungalows,” he added.

“If they submitted a plan to build ten four-bedroom houses instead, it’d be a different matter as they wouldn’t be in keeping. I can’t see a problem with this.”