A LOWER speed limit in Penistone town centre could be edging a bit closer.

After years of calls for a 20mph zone, there is a chance new funding could become available to pay for the necessary work.

At Monday’s meeting of the town council, Coun Andrew Millner said he had had feedback from Barnsley Council about the possibility of a 20mph limit in High Street and Market Street.

“It is possible there could be funding through the Principal Towns Initiative,” said Coun Millner. “I have shared this information with the ward councillors and it has to be considered by them before it can be made public.”

Coun Carol Bradbury said there was also a need for a crossing along High Street. “It is hard to get across there sometimes,” she said.

Coun Millner said crossing points were not in an initial review but that this, again, was something which might be funded through PTI. “That will be down to the ward councillors,” he said.

“I have suggested crossing points denoted by red brickwork or paint but we will have to wait and see.

“It looks like this will be a long-term project. It is a case of chip, chip, chipping away to try to make some progress.”

Coun Richard Trotman urged a 20mph limit through Penistone as the best solution likely to make pedestrians feel comfortable and at home in the town centre. “Not to have traffic whizzing past at 30 or 40mph,” he said.

“There are several stretches where the pavement is not wide enough for people to walk side by side and that alone should justify a 20mph zone.”

Coun Millner is making the feedback available to town councillors. “Other than that it will have to remain private for now,” he said.